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Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations

I specialize in getting your brand story and unique value proposition in front of the journalists, publications, blogs and influential content creators that will place your story where it matters.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

I can help you develop a cohesive content strategy for your business that helps you attract visibility among your target audience and customers that leads to sales/revenue.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

I help identify the top influencers and cohorts in your niche and help drive visibility, relationships, and trust among them so that they share your content with their followers.

About Me

Anna Taylor Digital PR and Strategy Women in Blockchain
Nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing, SEO, content strategy, digital public relations, advertising, TV/Film production, and the many connections along the way, allows me to offer excellent ways to get your story seen, and heard. Hobbies: Blockchain technology. Founder of, educating & empowering women in blockchain technology, as well as, Co-Founder of a chain agnostic Blockchain Consulting & dApp incubator taking decentralized apps to market. Favs: Making memories with my son & family, traveling, nerding out on nutrition/wellness, photography/videography, writing, singing, teaching belly dance, and encouraging others to reach beyond what they believe is possible.
Anna Taylor
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Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. —Ralph Emerson

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Goals + strategy enable dreams to become reality.

Every once in a while a cheerleader is needed yet at the same time a coach is necessary. I am here to be both. Consider me your digital presence coach and cheerleader. My mentor has always encouraged me to teach people how to fish. My style is to educate you on the realities of how to get published and why your digital presence is important.

As a believer of purpose, I will help you envision an even bigger goal you never thought possible. As a consultant, I teach the way to make your dreams a reality and as an expert, I shed light on the ways you can get there.

Influencer Marketing
Digital Marketing Consulting
Content Strategy
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